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As Shauna Ward and her husband entered their future home in Weatherby Lake, they looked past the floor-to-ceiling beige walls, past the matching oak floors and cabinets, and out at a row of windows framing the bay beyond.

It was practically perfect, says Shauna, and they knew it would work for their growing family.

“When we first saw our home, we both loved the view and the layout,” says Shauna, the designer and project manager responsible for the complete renovation of her home. “I saw a lot of potential and we agreed to make some changes.”

Before they bought the home, Shauna was a full-time pharmaceutical salesperson, and while she loved decorative arts, she was not a professional designer by trade.

It was the renovation of her home that brought her into the design world. The Wards bought their home just over three years ago, before the pandemic, when Shauna was pregnant with their son.

The Wards initially hired a general contractor to implement their vision, but after the general contractor completely torn down the interior, he quit.

“He called on a Sunday and told us he was overwhelmed and was going away,” says Shauna. “By then the house was fully demonstrated and we had to come up with a plan to get it done as quickly as possible. We lived with my parents with all three children, including our baby who was three weeks old.”

So Shauna plunged into the renovation. “I created the entire design and managed the project from July to November. We finished the house and moved over Thanksgiving weekend of 2019,” she says.

Shauna started posting about her projects on Instagram and people noticed her work and wanted to hire her for their own projects. Then the pandemic came and everything changed. Shauna Ward Interiors was born.

“If the pandemic had never happened, I don’t know if I would have ever switched careers,” says Shauna. “It’s hard to cope with three kids and to take that leap.”

She credits her training in journalism and marketing and her willingness to take risks to get her business off the ground. One such risk was the decision to paint the ceiling of her bedroom orange. It helped her designs get noticed. The orange bedroom ceiling caught the attention of Kansas City Instagram influencer Breahn Vokolek (@overanalyzedthat). She hired Shauna to renovate her kitchen and wrote about the project. “After that, things really took off,” says Shauna.

From a black ceiling in the piano room to turquoise cabinets in her kids’ bathroom, Shauna continues to take design risks.

piano room

Photography by Chris Mullins

Just off the foyer is a room that was built as a formal dining room, which Shauna instead uses to dramatically display a baby grand piano from her childhood.

“My parents bought it for me as a kid when I was taking classes,” she says. “No one really plays the piano now. But it’s nice to have, and sometimes when people are over someone’s playing. It is fun.”

The charcoal gray ceiling and piano, traditionally painted black, create a dramatic contrast to the white walls of the room. It stands in the center of the room under a dripping modern gold chandelier.

The piano and daybed from Anthropology, dotted with boho throw pillows and a white and black macrame-inspired tapestry create a traditional yet eclectic space.

guest toilet

Photography by Chris Mullins

On the side between the piano room and the mudroom is a dramatic guest bathroom jewelry box. Dark blue and black walls frame a wall of light gray and white tiles arranged in a herringbone pattern. The classic tile selection complements the engineered marble vanity top.

And like most of the newly installed furniture in the Wards’ home, it is not custom-made but purchased pre-assembled.

“I didn’t even swap out the hardware,” says Shauna, adding that she’s had a lot of success finding stylish, well-built cabinets at affordable prices. Not only for her own projects, but also for many of her customers, she often uses the ready-to-install cabinets instead of custom-made ones.

Flanking the mirror, the geometric brass pendant light creates a low, moody glow. Shauna found Dounia Home’s followers while browsing Instagram. The pendants hang above the campaign furniture-inspired vanity.

master bedroom

Photography by Chris Mullins

Shauna decided to take a risk in the master bedroom and painted the ceiling a dusty orange, subtly showing off the earth tones scattered in various textiles throughout the room.

The tall white headboard, reminiscent of an Indian carving, is the centerpiece of the room and the first thing that is visible through the room’s double doors. A low-hanging black wicker chandelier adds to the bohemian flair.

master bathroom

Photography by Chris Mullins

Shauna completely transformed the master bathroom, essentially creating a “bathroom” by enclosing her bathtub in an oversized glass shower. Marble tiles of different sizes were used to create different patterns and add subtle details. The space is flooded with natural light from skylights.

main living room

Photography by Chris Mullins

Like most of the house, the living room has been given a fresh coat of white paint. Shauna also redesigned the fireplace wall, removing the built-in oak cabinets and creating a sleek, modern fireplace wall with large white marble tiles. Shauna’s use of modern furniture is softened by lots of textiles of different textures and colors.

Shauna and her husband are both Freddie Mercury fans, so Shauna had an artwork made with the Queen frontman’s quote, “All you gotta do is fall in love,” to hang in her living room.


Photography by Chris Mullins

Like many of the lake view rooms, the kitchen also offers a wonderful view of the water. Shauna used white paint, tile, and countertops to keep the kitchen light and airy, though she used black cabinets for the kitchen island and a deep, dusty gray-blue for the cabinets. Brass hardware and a quartz crystal chandelier above the dining table add a glittering touch.

recreation room

Photography by Chris Mullins

The children’s and family rooms are located on the lower lake level. In the recreation room, Shauna opted for a wood-like tile that could handle muddy, wet sea feet. To increase the space, she removed a wall that hid an unfinished storage area. She finished it off and added a bar.

Built-in oak cabinets flanking the fireplace were removed and a black modern fireplace wall with a TV nook was created.

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