America: Pros or Cons? | The New Yorker | Start Classified

Since we have democracy, we need arguments to make it work. These long-dead Athenians voted only after discussion in the assembly; Democratic theory has always maintained that good decisions emerge from intellectual struggle. So it’s important to ask – how’s it going? In two recent shows in New York, the theater explores the usefulness of … Read more

Guitar Lesson: Add dreamy sequences with extended arpeggios | Start Classified

Of the September/October 2022 problem of acoustic guitar | By Lisa Liu The extended arpeggio is one of the most beautiful sounds in western music. With its dreamlike quality, this sonority is often used in television shows and films to accompany alternate universes and dream scenes. The French Impressionist composer Claude Debussy used the extended … Read more

Meet Dutch cellist Saskia Rao-de Haas playing Hindustani music – The New Indian Express | Start Classified

Some compelling stories in the realm of Hindu classical music are born outside of India. One of them is the Dutch cellist Saskia Rao-de Haas. The 51-year-old musician, who has lived in culturally rich Delhi for decades, has seamlessly integrated the cello – an Italian stringed instrument from the violin family – into Hindu music … Read more

‘Sonic Tonic’: The Paper Stars get introverted at Saturday’s ‘Far Away’ release show | Start Classified

Tres Altman, founder of The Paper Stars, will perform his band’s new EP for the first time at Live at Ted’s on Saturday night. (Photo courtesy) WILMINGTON – A year of isolation due to the Covid-19 pandemic had local musician Tres Altman confined to his home and family, but producing his band The Paper Star’s … Read more

Be Real, Adam Levine, AMC Skit, Grimace McDonalds and Host Miles Teller | Start Classified

It’s time for Saturday Night Live’s 48th season, which has already been dubbed a transition or rebuilding year by the show’s creator and guru Lorne Michaels. Eight cast members left over the summer (Kate McKinnon, Aidy Bryant, Pete Davidson, Kyle Mooney in May, then Alex Moffat, Melissa Villaseñor, Aristotle Athari, and Chris Redd in September), … Read more

David Malachowski, guitarist and music director for Shania Twain, has died at the age of 67 | Start Classified

David Malachowski, a Schenectady native who started playing guitar at the age of 8 and has progressed from regional bands to music director for country superstar Shania Twain in the mid-1990s and touring worldwide musician in pit bands for Broadway musicals such as “Rent” and “Mamma Mia,” died Thursday. He was 67 years old. The … Read more

Upcoming Events at the Appalachian Theater – October/November 2022 | Start Classified

Last updated on October 2, 2022 1:37 pm The recently announced Cinema Classic sci-fi film series at the AppalachianTheater of the High Country screens its first film Tuesday October 4 at 7pm with amodern cult classic that celebrates several popular film genres. Little Shop of Horrors is a musical horror comedy directed by Frank Oz … Read more

Ukrainian Jewish refugees celebrate the High Holidays in Warsaw despite the uncertainty of life at home | Start Classified

(October 3, 2022 / JNS) On Sunday, Yiddish music could be heard from the Jewish community center in the center of Warsaw, which wove Ukrainian songs in and out. dr Yuri Vedenyapin, a professor of Yiddish at McGill University and a musician, conducted a concert for Ukrainian Jewish refugees ahead of Yom Kippur. Of course, … Read more

Who is Captain Tsubasa, a hero of Spanish footballers? | Soccer | Start Classified

Spanish football fans can address their regional focus when asked about their favorite players. The Catalans might say Andrés Iniesta or David Villa and the Madrileños Iker Casillas or Fernando Torres. However, players can tell you that their hero is not a former Spanish player or even a real person. He is the fictional 11-year-old … Read more