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Last updated on October 2, 2022 1:37 pm

The recently announced Cinema Classic sci-fi film series at the Appalachian
Theater of the High Country screens its first film Tuesday October 4 at 7pm with a
modern cult classic that celebrates several popular film genres.

Little Shop of Horrors is a musical horror comedy directed by Frank Oz that got its start
Career as master puppeteer. Oz created, voiced and played Muppet characters Miss Piggy,
Fozzie Bear, Animal and Sam Eagle on The Muppet Show and Cookie Monster, Bert and and
Grover in “Sesame Street”. He also played puppeteers and provided the voice for Yoda in The Star
Wars” film series.

The film has a family-friendly start time of 7 p.m. with price-conscious general admission
Ticket price from only $5 per person. The running time of “Little Shop of Horrors” is one hour and
34 minutes.

The Cinema Classic sci-fi film series is generously sponsored by Nancy and Neil Schaffel
and consists of four films proposed by viewers and the general public. The other
Movies related to the series are “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” on October 11th by Stanley Kubrick
Epic 2001: A Space Odyssey on October 18 and Close Encounters of the Third Kind
on October 30th.

While the App Theater’s online ticketing system is accessible 24/7, customers can avoid this
Online service charges by dropping by the lobby ticket office between 11:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. starting Tuesday
until Friday or one hour before the start of the screening for each film. For a complete performance
For a schedule of all upcoming events or to sign up for the theater’s E-Blast mailing list, visit the
Organization’s website at www.apptheatre.org

The Appalachian Theater of the High Country has announced two more
Artists for their concert series in autumn 2022 with live performances in the historic
Venue in downtown Boone, NC. Popular guitar legend Tommy Emmanuel, CGP becomes
perform on Friday 7th October and “folk music’s rustic Renaissance man” John
McCutcheon will take the stage at the historic venue on Friday, October 21.

Bluegrass virtuosos Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway will create their long-awaited app
Makes theater debut on Sunday, November 13 with country and americana singer-songwriter
Jim Lauderdale performs in concert on Friday 18th November 2022.

The Tommy Emmanuel concert is part of the recently announced Mast Store
Americana Music Series on the Doc Watson Stage at the Appalachian Theatre. This
series aims to be an ongoing, year-round program of artists and events that celebrate
the genre unique to our country.

The “CGP” after Emmanuel’s name stands for “Certified Guitar Player”. This designation
Awarded by the late Chet Atkins recognizes guitarists who have gone above and beyond
normal gameplay. Atkins bestowed this title on only four guitarists during his lifetime,
with the first presented to Emmanuel.

The first quality that defines Emmanuel’s greatness and is mentioned every time you speak to him
his legions of fans, whether musicians or civilians, is his exceptional guitar playing.
His playing is considered by connoisseurs to be one of the greatest guitarists on the planet
is just a miracle because it would take three or more musicians to do what Emmanuel is doing
goes solo. Who else can set the rhythm when playing “Day Tripper”, for example
part, digging into the riff and singing the tune all at once on just an acoustic guitar?

Folk legend Pete Seeger said, “John McCutcheon isn’t just one of the best musicians
in the US, but also a great singer, songwriter and songleader. And not just by the way
He is committed to helping hard working people everywhere organize and drive this forward
world in a better direction.”

For over 50 years, “folk music has been the rustic Renaissance man” (Washington Post).
everywhere in the folk music scene. He is a stunning multi-instrumentalist, u
Archivist of traditional music, one of the most important revivalists of the dulcimer, a
pioneering child and family artist, a prolific and versatile songwriter and the
Definition of the touring road warrior.

John’s craftsmanship began at a young age. Nobody remembers when the neighbors
began calling the McCutcheon household to complain about the loud singing of the youth
John’s bedroom. However, it didn’t seem to do much good. Because after a shaky, crooked
Battle between piano lessons and baseball (he was a mediocre pianist and an all-star
Catcher), he “found his voice” thanks to a cheap mail-order guitar and a used book.
of chords.

Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway and their brand new band of bluegrass virtuosos
with mandolinist Dominick Leslie, banjoist Kyle Tuttle, violinist Bronwyn Keith-
Hynes and bassist Shelby Means will tour the United States in support of in 2022
Tuttle’s forthcoming debut on Nonesuch Records.

Tuttle, a California native and award-winning guitarist and songwriter, keeps pushing
her songwriting in new directions and pushes musical boundaries. Since moving to
Nashville in 2015, she has collaborated with many of her peers and heroes in Americana,
folk and bluegrass communities and was named 2018 Instrumentalist of the Year
American Music Awards.

Her 2019 debut album, When You’re Ready, received critical acclaim on NPR Music
praises its “pretty crafted melodies that creep gently into the music
memory” and The Wall Street Journal praises Tuttle’s “cross-genre comfort
and Emotional Readiness” to describe the record as “invigorating, mature and attention-grabbing”.
First album.”

Tuttle’s accolades include Folk Alliance International’s Song of the Year award for
“You Didn’t Call My Name” from their 2017 Rise EP and consecutive trophies for the
International Bluegrass Music Association Guitarist of the Year. She was the first
woman in IBMA history for receiving this honor.

You’ll likely find Jim Lauderdale making music at all times, whether it’s him
lay down a new track in the studio or work through an impromptu melody with him
home in Nashville. And when he’s not actively working on new music, he’s certainly thinking
about that.

“It’s a constant challenge to keep making better records, to write better
and better songs. I still feel like an evolving artist,” says Lauderdale. This
may be a surprising statement from a man who has won two Grammys and released 34 full-lengths
albums and took home the coveted Wagonmaster from the Americana Music Association
Forgive. But his forthcoming album Game Changer is compelling evidence that the North
The Carolina native only continues to hone his craft.

Operating under his own label Sky Crunch Records for the first time since 2016,
Lauderdale co-produced Game Changer at Nashville’s acclaimed Blackbird Studios
publishing with Jay Weaver and pulling out songs he had last written
several years. “On this record there is a mix of uplifting songs and at the same time
Songs about heartbreak and despair – because that’s part of life, too,” he says. “In which
especially the country song world, it’s always been a part of it. That’s real life.”

All seats for Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway are $30. Ticket prices for Jim
Lauderdale tickets are $20 in advance and $25 on the day of the show. To the
Tickets and more information on all events, or to subscribe and purchase on the theater’s Eblast list
For memberships, please visit the ATHC website at www.apptheatre.org.

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