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“Can anyone recommend a decent website for guitar lessons?” is a perennial theme that pops up constantly on guitar forums (along with the many happy NGDs). The permanent answer? JustinGuitar.com (opens in new tab).

Back in 2003, it’s doubtful Justin Sandercoe, then a 20-year-old native of Tasmania, had any idea that his fledgling website would help millions of people learn it play guitar online. But he was smart enough to spot an opportunity, smart enough to offer a solution, and persistent enough to move on. Since then, Justin has become a guitar-wielding institution, possibly the most famous guitarist (who non-guitarists have never heard of) in the world. By 2011, his YouTube videos had received over 100 million views and his current subscriber base now has more than 1.5 million users.

First of all, Justin is a phenomenal teacher, which is a completely different skill from being a good musician. And in the early days, when most of us would have just given up and hit the pub, he worked tirelessly to provide his burgeoning audience with a near-constant stream of free content. A labor of love if ever there was one.

JustinGuitar Review

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Tap JustinGuitar.com in your browser and you’ll discover a learning platform that easily rivals its paid competitors like Fender Play or Yousician. Central to this is a three-step learning path that takes you from the soft-handed beginner, to the hard-skinned intermediate, to the proud, calloused intermediate.

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