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Dedria Humphries Barker

When the City of Lansing built Lansing Center on Michigan Avenue in the 1980s, the idea was sold to politicians as an attraction for conferences and exhibitions. Our part of the state didn’t have much space. I was a newspaper reporter at the time.

Most people knew that dinners for local and regional groups would be held there. But the city council, including Lucille Belen, a successful flower shop owner, and Alfreda Schmidt, who wore a very good hat, were reluctant to add a kitchen. It was also reluctant to include air conditioning and heating in the skyway over the Grand River to connect the center to a parking ramp and hotel.

Air conditioning seemed luxurious, and food suppliers could store food in heat towers, the council argued. Of course, the food got cold, to the disgust of the guests, who paid $20, $35, and $50 a plate at fundraisers. And the people who walked the skyway were either fried in the summer or frozen in the winter.

The “luxury” features were added after project completion at a much higher price.

Which brings me to the governor’s parent council.

The Governors Parents’ Council was created by executive order on July 15, around the same time the governor signed off on the $76 billion state budget for fiscal 2023. It’s the biggest budget ever, and $22 billion of that goes to education. As it should.

And both Republicans and Democrats have embraced it. An achievement.

Education has long suffered in our country. Maybe 50 years since the taxpayer shied away from their responsibilities by giving some of their support to the lottery. Since 1973, the lottery has raised $26 billion for education. That’s roughly the equivalent of this year’s budget. So in 50 years of gambling for education, the lottery paid for a year.

And then there were schools of choice, embraced by communities known for good public schools and enriched after they found they were losing students. And that poorer districts had the children.

And then through charter schools set up in Dr. Frankenstein-born idea to divert public funds for private interests. These efforts are ongoing.

Now the political idea puts parents in control of education. Republicans are pushing it because they want private education with public dollars. BridgeMichigan, a nonprofit, nonpartisan online news organization, reported that in February the Michigan Senate asked the governor to “publicly recognize the fundamental right of parents in the education of their children, including a central role in what their children learn.” ” This, but the Republicans in this media report don’t like the parents’ council as Whitmer’s answer. I don’t blame them, but it serves a political purpose.

Fortunately, the parent council is not a serious idea. how should i know If it isn’t already in place, there won’t be enough time for it to become a success.

The governor announced the parents’ council on July 15. The members, seven parents with different characteristics, will be selected after August 8th. The work of this advisory board is due to be reported by December 9th so the Office of the Governor can have access to the presentation of a series of regional roundtables on “Tackling unfinished learning and student mental health”. The council will dissolve in March 2023.

This timeframe is seven months, from start to finish.

Ha! It boggles the mind. How does a temporary group accomplish all this work in less than a year? They don’t.

Some families invest their time and money in supplementary education based on their family values. But where do millions of adults take their children every year? Disney World.

In terms of real life, parents who want more control can go traditional. Participation in PTA meetings. parents evening Get a small job in the canteen to chat about any lessons on how to “get woken up.”

The State Education Department has a hard time with educators and has a number of programs to increase that number. This also includes the training of already employed school staff to become teachers. Bringing former educators back into the classroom. Tuition Debt Relief.

University too much? A lot of people think like that. Great effort is being made to place 60 percent of Michigan high school graduates in college programs by 2030. Some might be teachers.

However, parents can program home screens for WKAR-TV and check out what’s on offer at Sport offers fun, love and basketball for both boys and girls. Study Lions gameplay if your heart can take it.

Be a parent companion on school trips. Or use the family vacation to further your education. For Geography: The Great Lakes. The Grand Canyon. Try Yellowstone for thermodynamics. To the Everglades for reptiles. For cultural arts, visit the Sphinx Violin Competition showcases and Children’s Community Choir concerts. libraries. Visit the Wright African American Museum in Detroit, the Flint Art Institute and the Broad Museum. The Grand Rapids Art Prize is an education in itself. you have the idea

Parents want to be an almighty home school in Oz, but after the COVID shutdown, we know teaching isn’t as easy as it looks. Help out in class. Just don’t try to take it. This is Megatron action.

Parents, don’t hit a road prepared for battle just because a politician says parents know best. Do what you can and let professional educators educate Michigan’s nearly 1.5 million public school students.

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