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One day about nine years ago I was at the after school care center – basically the gym where many students stayed if their parents couldn’t pick them up right away. We usually had a break outside and time to study inside while waiting for our parents to come through the door. However, we did something new that day: a get-to-know activity that required everyone to write a few facts about themselves on a note card. I remember writing some true but surprising facts about myself. I thought this note card would stay between me and two or three other students, but unbeknownst to me, that special day had a huge impact on my life and how I perceived myself forever.

After filling out the note card, I sat on a tiny blue chair in the middle of the gym and chatted with my friends around me. We were waiting to go to recess, play on the playground and do what kids usually do. To my surprise, the organizer of the daycare went to the front, slips of paper in hand. She started reading the cards one by one and asked the children in the room to guess who wrote the cards. Sweat ran down my forehead as she got closer and closer to mine.

Then she read my card: “I have four fingers and three toes.”

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