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In recent years, hard-working, full-time workers have been learning the ins and outs of working from home and trying remote work without being freelancers. And many have had to become freelancers after downsizing, unsuccessfully finding a new job at the same salary, and learning new skills necessary to earn money on their own.

Let’s find out what freelancing is and how to make money from freelancing, because the relevance and demand for this format of employment in the current environment will only increase. After all, today everyone can work both in an Indian online casino and, for example, in a sports magazine!

What is freelancing?

A freelancer is a kind of “freelance artist” who doesn’t depend on the bosses and doesn’t have to go to work at 9:00 a.m., but nobody has to pay him a salary every month.

Such an artist can only count on the income he finds, or the support of good people, friends and acquaintances.

The freelancer builds his job portfolio, organizes his workspace, and schedules his working hours and deadlines to meet his clients’ commitments.
The freelancer will not be reprimanded or deprived of a bounty if they don’t do something on time or at all. However, if he consistently misses deadlines, clients will stop dealing with him, and the freelancer is left with no earnings, not just a bounty.

In general, the pitfalls of freelancing are enough, and the question “how to make money as a freelancer?” remains unanswered for some. We will certainly bring the beginner some reasonable ideas on how to make money as a freelancer. However, it seems logical to first specify some legal moments.

Legislation does not recognize terms such as “freelancer” and “freelancer”. Anyone who works independently and organizes their working hours at their own discretion can register as a sole trader or self-employed person.

It is worth doing this so as not to deprive yourself of an official proof of work and the right to pension benefits in the future. And also if there is an increased interest in your work on the part of the tax authorities and other control bodies.

The emergence of such interest is quite realistic if you offer your services on public planes, on Internet message boards, post your price on social networks or create your website as recommended by trendy coaches.

It often happens that such advertising “leads” the first tax inspector with the intention of stealing money even earlier than the first client who is ready to pay for your work. So before you get into “freefloating”, you should study the experiences of others and make recommendations on how you can make money with freelancing as a beginner with no experience.

Freelance work: how to start earning for the beginner

So, how do you make money as a freelancer without free-floating experience? The easiest way to take the first step is for those whose profession is suitable for remote work. We mentioned above that “remote work” and “freelancer” were once almost identical terms, and with good reason.

Suppose your job duties don’t necessarily involve standing at a desk in an office, behind a cash register in a store, or behind a vending machine or counter. Then the employer can quickly agree to freelance work with you without running the risk of being controlled by the labor inspectorate with subsequent sanctions.

By registering as a sole proprietor or self-employed, you have the opportunity not to miss anything “on the fly”. First, test the situation and assess how to make money as a freelance beginner and how well you are doing. If you don’t like the role of ‘freelance artist’, lacking official status and obligations to the state, finish the project you have taken on and then do something else.

How do you take that very first step? You can go the usual route as if looking for a regular job:

  • Go to a job board.
  • In the search bar, enter the name of your profession and add the word “remote” or “remote”.
  • Respond to the jobs offered.

Another option is to make money as a freelancer without deviating too much from your usual ways. You can browse the websites of companies in your field, find the “Jobs” section there and offer your services for activities that can be carried out remotely. Incidentally, many companies use the word “remote” to identify positions that they are willing to fill for “freelance artists”.

It is the quietest and safest way to test the situation and “scan the place” if you have never been in business, never been a director or top manager and do not have full responsibility for organizing the work process, searching for clients, and reporting to government agencies.

It is even better if you gain your first freelance experience in a permanent job and with a guaranteed salary. Of course, in this case you will have to work weekends and evenings, but this experience is worth it in the current circumstances. It quickly pays off if your employer does not tolerate the following restrictions and you become unemployed.

What kind of work do clients hire freelancers for:

  • 58% design and graphics.
  • 46% Website design and management.
  • Program 38%.
  • 32% copywriting.
  • 24% advertising and marketing.

The total amount is more than 100% because the same client can recruit freelancers for different jobs. For example, first for website development, then for writing articles, and then for promoting the website through other advertising and marketing methods.

Not only the IT area is suitable for freelancers. Anyone can become a freelancer whose work does not require special industrial equipment or a special state work permit.

For example, a tutor giving private tuition in math or French, a musician teaching violin or piano, or a photographer or video operator working on weddings may well qualify as a freelancer.

So when a freelancer is referred to as a “freelance artist,” it often captures the essence of the matter better than the original word “freelancer.” In fact, the creative and creative-related professions, which clearly include the IT sector, are more suitable than many others for freelance work.

In principle, both the entrepreneur and the freelancer can use all the possibilities of the web to offer their services and choose the most suitable option for advertising. So, if you offer private services related to territory, you can place an ad on a specific website in the dedicated section. For example, today you can easily find a game developer for live casino Andar Bahar and slot machines online.

Freelance work: what’s next?

After gaining some initial experience and making sure you’re freelance, you can move forward with more confidence and disclose your terms. You are not satisfied only with those offered by your remote employers. Above we already started talking about freelancer exchange.

The freelancer exchanges are specialized online platforms where a person offers their services in a specific field (writing texts, designing websites, creating layouts of printed matter, etc.) or an order for works (text, website, layout, etc.) .

Consequently, freelancers can advertise their services and get jobs on the freelancer exchanges in the appropriate section. Or to specialized online resources for a specific profile (design, programming, copywriting, etc.).


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