Virtual piano lessons keep Notre Dame students in tune with kids from South Bend, Buchanan – South Bend Tribune | Start Classified

It took a bit of fiddling, but Samantha Musleh sat Instructor Kate on a stool so she could watch three of Musleh’s daughters, one after the other, play the electric keyboard at their South Bend home.

Okay, so it was Kate Ragan, a University of Notre Dame student, streaming live from Denver, Colorado. The girls didn’t know exactly where she was. Only they could see and hear them – and the notes – through the laptop.

But here’s the tricky part of their class, which had gone virtual because of COVID-19: seeing each other’s hands on the keys. Ragan tilts the camera on her computer for a better angle.

“It’s difficult (to see) but it’s still good,” says Saja, 8.

“Sometimes the connection is bad or the computer dies,” says Jenna, 13.

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